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Our Story

Founded in 1977 by Bruce Finley, Central Florida Forklift, Inc. provides services and repairs on all makes and models of forklifts and construction equipment. The company has grown from the back of Bruce’s service vehicle to a fully equipped shop on three acres, several service vehicles, forklift delivery trucks, and numerous tech’s anxious to keep you up and running. In addition, we also offer hundreds of thousands of parts for those who want to do it on their own. After nearly 35 years and several expansions, Bruce retired in 2011 and the new management he installed is continuing to follow his tradition of good customer service before and after the sale. From the back of his van to a large repair shop on three acres, Central Florida Forklift, Inc. would not be where it is today without his perseverance and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Central Florida Forklift, Inc. became a dealer for Heli Americas in 2013 to allow the company to offer new forklifts and equipment to better meet more of our customer needs. This allows us to offer new Heli Forklifts to our sales, lease, and rental departments as a compliment to our used inventory. In 2015, Central Florida Forklift, Inc. began the process of registering our name with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. Others had begun using the Central Florida Forklift name either outright or as a dba. Central Florida Forklift wanted to preserve its 30-year name and reputation and was awarded the trademark in January 2017.

In 2016, Central Florida Forklift, Inc. assumed control of Forklift Battery Supply, Inc. and integrated its line of products. Central Florida Forklift, Inc. now offers new forklift batteries from Reaco Battery and new forklift battery chargers from Ferro Magnetics. This allows Central Florida Forklift, Inc. to offer new batteries and chargers with our electric Heli Forklifts as well as those just needing a new battery or charger for their existing equipment. In 2017, Central Florida Forklift, Inc. became the Dieci Telehandler dealer. With Dieci, Central Florida Forklift, Inc offers construction and agricultural telescopic forklifts. Dieci machines are manufactured with extremely heavy-duty boom sections and main frames and are designed to handle the abuse associated with continuous, duty-cycle bucket use where others fail.
  • 1977

    Founded in 1977 by Bruce Finley.
  • 2011

    Bruce retires and his approved management team takes over.
  • 2013

    Central Florida Forklift became a dealer for Heli Americas.
  • 2016

    Central Florida Forklift assumed control over Florida Battery Supply.
  • 2017

    Central Florida Forklift became a dealer for Dieci United States.