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When it comes to forklift rentals in the Central Florida area,
Central Florida Forklift is the only name you need to know.

forklift1 We offer rental services for forklifts. 

Central Florida Forklift, Inc. is proud to offer Forklift and Equipment Rental services. We also rent scissor lifts, boom lifts, pallet jacks and various types of forklift attachments including clamps, rotators, push-pulls, carpet poles, and extensions. Our rental fleet consists of late model equipment that is maintained to operate safely and dependably. Notice a boost in volume or have an unexpected breakdown or maybe you're just having a busy season and need an extra lift or two - we have a forklift rental fleet available to keep you moving. Electric or LP warehouse equipment, pneumatics for moving around on packed dirt or grass, and rough terrain lifts for that harsh ground are normally in-stock. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals are all available. We will deliver the material handling equipment you need to the location you request and pick it up when you are finished.

Some things to consider when renting a forklift:

• When selecting a forklift, make sure the mast height does not exceed the height of your lowest door clearance. Also, take into consideration the maximum raised height of the lift to be sure it meets your needs.
Diesel Equipment - Provides the most torque and power for outdoor construction and job site applications. Most diesel forklifts will be equipped with pneumatic tires.

L.P. Gas Equipment - Sometimes referred to as propane. For indoor and outdoor use. Most Cushion Tire forklifts are powered by L.P. Gas. L.P. Gas forklifts can be used in some indoor applications.

Gasoline Equipment - Although gasoline is rarely used as fuel for forklifts, they are available and they should only be used for outdoor applications due to the high amount of emissions.

Electric Lifts - For use mainly indoors on a smooth, concrete surface. Electric forklifts can be used outdoors when conditions are dry. They are perfect for indoor warehouse applications because they do not produce exhaust and are quiet during operation.
Cushion Tires - Solid rubber compound press-on tire. Available with a tread design or smooth. Also available in a white non-marking rubber compound.

Solid Pneumatic Tires - For use on dirt and gravel surfaces, or for "soft yard" applications. Solid Pneumatic tires do not hold air and are good for construction or job sites where there are a lot of objects waiting to flatten a tire.

Pneumatic Tires - Pneumatic tires are also used on dirt and gravel surfaces and soft yards. They provide slightly better traction than Solid Pneumatic tires, but they are susceptible to flats because they hold air. They are also about half the cost of solid pneumatic tires.

Types of Rentals


Forklift and Pallet Jack Rentals

We have a wide range of equipment available for immediate delivery. We have a variety of forklifts and pallet jacks available for rent. Indoor and outdoor, electric lifts or LP are available for rent.

Our rental department can answer any questions that may arise and assist you in making the right decision for your operation. We will deliver your rental when you need it and pick it up when you are finished. Providing top-notch equipment and warehouse solutions is our priority.

Daily, weekly, and monthly terms available. Long -Term rentals and leases are also available. Need it longer than you thought? No problem, just call us and we can keep you on the same great rate or even move you to the next rental bracket for a better deal.

forklift1 Telehandler Rentals

Central Florida Forklift, Inc. offers Dieci Telehandlers for Rent. Telehandlers are often referred to as “Shooting Boom Trucks”, “Telescopic”, and even “Lulls”. No matter what you call them, Dieci Telehandlers are ready to work in any environment. The ease of use and maneuverability of a Dieci is unparalleled in the industry.

Daily, weekly, and monthly terms available. Long -Term rentals and leases are also available.

forklift1 Scissor Lifts

We have scissor lifts available to rent for your project or construction needs. Various heights and capacities are available. Daily, weekly, and monthly terms available. Long -Term rentals and leases are also available.

forklift1 Forklift Battery and Battery Charger

We have forklift battery and battery charger rentals available. Call for sizing info on your equipment and we can get you moving again. Many sizes and voltages available. The inventory is dynamic so please give us a call.

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