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Factory Cat 34 Battery-Powered, Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

2.0 Cubic ft. hopper capacity
34" Cleaning path
Battery power
Self propelled
3-5 hour battery run time
Clean up to 30,000 ft./hr.

Product Features

The Factory Cat Model 34 walk behind sweeper is probably the best floor cleaning machine value in the history of sweeper history. The engineer that designed this machine believed that the best design was one that accomplished a goal with the least amount of parts. The result was a machine that is relatively inexpensive to build, effective at its job, and very reliable.

The Factory Cat model 34 sweeps up to 30,000 square feet per hour. That is about 10 times faster than a person can sweep by hand. Labor savings is the number one reason people purchase and lease these sweepers. Companies that sweep regularly typically save at least $300 – $400 per month in reduced labor costs.

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