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Factory Cat MINI-HD Floor Scrubber

17 to 23 Gallon recovery tank
16 to 21 Gallon solution tank
Up to 3.5 hours run time
Disk machines available in 26" or 28" cleaning paths
Cylindrical machines available in 25" or 29" cleaning paths

Product Features

Heavy duty and productive best describe the Factory Cat Mini-HD walk behind floor scrubber. These industrial walk behind scrubbers are made in America in Racine Wisconsin, and are designed to work in the toughest environments.

The heavy duty front bumpers give added protection to the beefed up scrub head. The Mini-HD can be set up with disc, or cylindrical scrub heads, in sizes ranging from 25” to 29” for maximum versatility. The Disk model offers a gimbaled brush drive and 35% more scrubbing power. The Cylindrical unit reduces or eliminates dust mopping by sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass.

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