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G Series 1.6-1.8t – Scissor Fork Reach Forklift

Product Features

Base arms are welded to the frame and separate from the mast assembly resulting in excellent structural strength. This unique design allows a mast to be easily interchanged.

The exclusive mast provides a superior life with low maintenance costs.  Stress tested and hot-rolled mast channels give you a high-load carrying capacity.

Low maintenance and extended service intervals with the AC traction motor.

The swing-out compartment doors open wide to reveal an uncluttered, well laid out compartment making servicing easier.

Stationary drive motor eliminates power cable flexing improving cable reliability and longevity.

Load wheel box outer side plates are flush mounted which help reduce truck and rack catch points.


Model CQD16X1 CQD18X1
Rated Capacity
3500 lbs.
4000 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
24 in.
Total Weight
7165 lbs.
7716 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
6.5 mph
6.5 mph
91 in.
91 in.
71 in.
73 in.
Min Turn Radius
67 in.
69 in.

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