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G Series 2-3.2t – Four Wheel Forklift (Cushion Tire) 48V (4000-6500 lbs. Capacity)

Product Features

Smaller turn radius for better maneuverability.

Multi-speed selection function for various working conditions and applications.

Faster lifting and lower speeds

36-volt with 48-volt option (AC Drive and Pump Motors)

Full LED light package

ZAPI MOSFET electronic travel and lifting controller.

Automatic deceleration while turning.

Optimized design of key components including frame ,mast, overhead guard and steer axle enhance overall safety and reliability.

Removable side and rear panels provide easy access to key components (pump motor, electric panels, and controllers).

Removable floorboard for easy access to drive motor and transaxle.

Easy access to brake fluid reservoir.


Model CPD20 CPD25 CPD30 CPD32
Rated Capacity
4000 lbs.
5000 lbs.
6000 lbs.
6500 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
Total Weight
9903 lbs.
10432 lbs.
11377 lbs.
11597 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
10.6 mph
10.6 mph
10.6 mph
10.6 mph
88.5 in.
88.5 in.
88.5 in.
88.5 in.
84.8 in.
85.2 in.
91.4 in.
Min Turn Radius
72.6 in.
73 in.
79.6 in.
80.2 in.

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