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G Series 2-3.5t – Four Wheel Forklift (Lithium-ion) 80v (4000-7700 lb. Capacity)

Product Features

Lithium battery is environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, and never needs water. 

Fast charging with up to two hours from completely dead. 

Strengthened steering axle with high support point increase bearing life. 

Larger cylinder diameter reduces steering pressure and steering energy consumption. 

Increased acceleration speed with higher operating efficiency. 

Increased travelling speed by nearly 10%. 

Improved vehicle performance and better thermal stability. 


Model CPD20 CPD25 CPD30 CPD35
Rated Capacity
4000 lbs.
5000 lbs.
6000 lbs.
7700 lbs.
Load Center
20 in.
20 in.
20 in.
20 in.
Total Weight
7980 lbs.
8620 lbs.
9898 lbs.
11243 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
10 mph
10 mph
11 mph
10 mph
85 in.
85 in.
85 in.
85 in.
Min Turn Radius
79 in.
80 in.
88 in.
89 in.

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