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G Series 3-3.5t – Four Wheel Forklift 80V (6000-7000 lbs. Capacity)

Product Features

AC Traction motor and AC Pump motor are brushless and maintenance free.

AC Traction controller and AC Pump controller are self-protecting and maintenance free.

Interactive communication multifunctional LED meter with user friendly interface, password handing, and is maintenance free.

Standard CAN BUS interface for simple and reliable communication.

Travel speed and lifting speed have closed loop control.

Powerful security with auto-braking on grades.

Signal load sensing in hydraulic system.

Travel speed function for normal or slow choice.


Model CPD30 CPD35
Rated Capacity
6000 lbs.
7000 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
24 in.
Total Weight
10604 lbs.
12125 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
9.3 mph
9 mph
87 in.
87.2 in.
98 in.
101 in.
Min Turn Radius
87 in.
89.4 in.

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