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G Series 5.5-7t – LPG Forklift-Pneumatic (11000-15000 lbs. Capacity)

Product Features

HELI ‘s new design for this model not only provides exceptional comfort and safety, it’s also more durable.
The suspended engine and transmission effectively reduce the vibration normally felt by the operator and can help significantly reduce driving fatigue.
The distance between hydraulic controls and the steering wheel have been reduced. Hydraulic controls are now in a more natural position for the operator.
Electro-hydraulic reversing with an intelligent shift system coupled with a Rotary directional switch provide reduced operating cost and improved driver performance. A fully enclosed dashboard helps prevent water and dust intrusion plus hydraulic lines and electrical wiring are not exposed to the environment.


Model CPYD55 CPYD60 CPYD70
Rated Capacity
11000 lbs.
13000 lbs.
15000 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
Total Weight
17592 lbs.
19246 lbs.
20569 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
16.7 mph
16.7 mph
16.7 mph
96 in.
96 in.
96 in.
185 in.
188 in.
190 in.
Min Turn Radius
127 in.
130 in.
132 in.

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