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H2000 Series 4-5t – Diesel Forklift-Pneumatic (8000-10000 lbs. Capacity)

Product Features

Enhanced comfort through innovative design.

Both Hydraulic and mechanical transmissions are all available.

Flexible steering and small turning radius with full Hydraulic Steering System.

We used a scientifically proven ergonomic method to design the H2000 Forklift truck. The operator space has been significantly enlarged. The operator feels comfortable during operation of the unit.

A variety of domestic and imported engines for you to choose. The emission meets new EPA regulations.

Specially designed container door frame allowing smooth entry into containers. This series forklifts can be equipped with a two-stage or three-stage full free lift mast, with various attachments, according to user’s demand.

Enclosed cabin is available with a high strength overhead guard that is designed to ensure safety.

Operator presence sensing system will cut off the driving movement if no operator is present to help prevent accidents.


Model CPCD40 CPCD45 CPCD50
Rated Capacity
8000 lbs.
9000 lbs.
10000 lbs.
Load Center
24 in.
24 in.
24 in.
Total Weight
13450 lbs.
14065 lbs.
14770 lbs.
Max Travel Speed
11.2 mph
11.2 mph
11.2 mph
93 in.
91 in.
91 in.
163 in.
164 in.
172 in.
Min Turn Radius
107 in.
108 in.
110 in.

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