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Powerboss Nautilus High Dump Floor Scrubber/Sweeper

Brush Pressure: 200-400lbs
Cleaning width: 45” -60” with side scrub brush
Turning radius: 107.7”
Recovery Tank Size (gallons): 90
Solution Tank Size (gallons): 90
Weight with batteries: 4800 lbs.
Productivity: 55,000 sq ft
Dimensions: 95” L x 65.5 W x 60.5 H

Product Features

The PowerBoss Nautilus High Dump offers many qualities that increase durability and maneuverability to ensure cleaning results while helping lower the cost of ownership. Its stainless steel design suggests for less corrosion and a longer lifespan with the ability to maneuver down a 9 ft. aisle with ease.

The Nautilus High Dump features an easy 60” high dump system that allows you to raise and lower the squeegee and hopper with two buttons, two large doors and a cap at the top of the tank which provide easy access to wash the tank free of any residue, and a generous hose to allow draining of murky water with ease.

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