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S9 – Floor Sweeper

35" Cleaning path
390 RPM Brush speed
2.2 Cubic feet debris hopper
3” Ground Clearance
12V Battery power
Dimensions: 43" L x 35" W" x 26" H
Weight: 300 pounds

Product Features

Operators will love the S9 because it is so easy to use.  The sweeper is self-propelled making work fast and easy.  Controls are ergonomically designed and adjustable for proper fit.  The on-board automatic charger and maintenance free batteries mean that you can just plug it in when you are done and forget it.  You cannot overcharge the batteries and they never need maintenance.  The process to empty the debris hopper is simple.

With a 35” Cleaning Path the S9 offers the maximum productivity of any sweeper in its class.  The S9 gets up  to three hours of run time sweeping as much as 23,000 square feet per hour.  This means that you can sweep about 69,000 square feet on a single charge.  This productivity is about ten times faster than using a push broom.  Labor savings achieved by using the S9 can easily be $400 – $500 per month in a facility that sweeps each day.

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