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T16 – Battery-Powered Ride-On Floor Scrubber

36" Cleaning Path
Comes with disk or cylindrical scrub heads
50-gallon solution tank
60-gallon recovery tank
65" Water lift
Recovery tank debris tray
Dimensions: 74" L x 42" W x 58" H
Weight: 1900 lbs.

Product Features

The T16 is available with a disk scrub deck or cylindrical scrub/sweep deck. With the cylindrical scrub deck, manual sweeping is eliminated. You can also increase the T16 cleaning path from 36 inches to 46 inches (28% wider) with the optional scrubbing side brush.

With fully charged batteries, the T16 rider high performance scrubber will clean for up to two hours and forty-five minutes. Run time for the T16 can be increased up to four hours and fifteen minutes with the optional battery pack upgrade. Power key ignition switch, and emergency power kill switch are both standard features on the T16 dashboard. An integrated operator safety switch stops the T16 compact rider high performance scrubber unless the operator is seated.

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